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Now in our 71st year, The Kennedy Center has renamed itself The Kennedy Collective. Why? To highlight how we create Support Services and Business Enterprises that prove people with disabilities bring value. We have seen the amazing outcomes that a collective approach can create, and it is our firm belief that – when we unite together, to empower and employ – our abilities have no bounds.

About the Name

It is our commitment to collective impact that serves as the impetus behind the new name.

It was requisite to us that Kennedy remain the centerpiece of our name. Evelyn Kennedy was more than our founder: She was a relentlessly driven parent who refused to accept the status quo – and started a revolution in how people with disabilities are viewed. Because of her vision, the number of people with disabilities we’ve helped now total in the tens of thousands.

A constant since our inception is that people with disabilities are celebrated. Their voices are heard. And their talents are expressed. This has not changed, and will never change.

Historical black and white image of Evelyn Kennedy smiling.

Collective Voices Stories

Featuring the many courageous and intriguing people involved in our work, Collective Voices is a series of interactive stories showcasing the impact that’s created when we join together.