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May 16th, 2023

"A Unique Perspective" Calender female artist's portrait next to abstract painting

Meet Rebecca Inwood. Rebecca has been creating art at the Maggie Daly Arts Cooperative (MDAC) since it first opened in 2014. She is a beacon of joy who lights up when asked about her artwork. She commented, “Since I came to MDAC, I have grown as a person, become more independent and made so many friends.” She credits her time there for helping her discover new artists and techniques. “My favorite artist has always been Picasso but now I like so many others too.” When not making art at MDAC, Rebecca likes to enjoy her dogs, Daisy & Juno, play computer games, and watch her favorite show – Murder She Wrote.

Rebecca's work “Spirit Dance” (shown above) is inspired by her own life experiences, hopes, and dreams. Always creating, she shares her attention to detail, precise line work, and appreciation for the positive things in life!


Rebecca’s work is currently on display at the MDAC Gallery’s ‘On LINE’ exhibition, through June 22, 2023. She has already sold 4 pieces of work from the collection.