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The Kennedy Collective’s Lift Station Cleaning Service (LSCS) uses the latest in environmentally friendly solutions and technology to clean and quickly and safely emulsify fats, oils, and grease (FOG). Using safe, non-toxic products, our teams provide a superior level of cleaning that will keep your pump stations running smoothly and at peak performance. The Kennedy Collective employs hard-working individuals with barriers to employment and are accompanied by a supervisor, all fully trained to service pump and lift stations of all sizes.

The Kennedy Collective is a member of the Connecticut Rural Water & Wastewater Association (CTRWWA). 


All proceeds from The Kennedy Collective Lift Station Cleaning services are used to support people with disabilities.

100% of proceeds from business enterprises go to support services.

The Benefits of Cleaning Your Lift Station

Having your lift station cleaned minimizes the release of harmful noxious gasses, prevents corrosion, improves lift station performance, lowers costs, extends the life of the equipment, and reduces the need for costly maintenance.

Our LSCS quickly emulsifies FOG and other harmful accumulations with minimal disruptions with smooth through–flow for wastewater – no clogs. 
Immediate reduction of odors & corrosion – septic conditions disappear; becomes oxygenated. 

Four workers moving lift station cleaning equipment off the back of a truck.

Safe, Simple, and Non-Toxic

The active ingredients used in performing LSCSs are “Green & Clean” Products: environmentally safe to use, Non-Toxic, Non-Corrosive, and Non-Flammable/Explosive. 


See Immediate Results

The performance of LSCS improves lift station performance and minimizes the need for costly maintenance by extending the life of wastewater management systems, equipment, and related components. 

Product being sprayed into a lift station.

Let's Discuss Your Lift Station Cleaning Needs

The Kennedy Collective Lift Station Cleaning team would love to have a discussion about how you can be supported by people with disabilities. Please provide some initial information, and a team member will be in touch with you.