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The Kennedy Collective Behavioral Supports service seeks to improve the lives of those with intellectual disabilities and mental health disorders by reducing maladaptive behaviors and replacing them with functional, constructive behaviors. Utilizing the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis, our Behavioral Support team is specially trained to work with those who have unstable or unsafe behaviors. By identifying the root causes, The Kennedy Collective helps these individuals develop skills that foster independence and healthy communication.

Comprehensive Behavioral Supports

The Kennedy Collective provides Behavioral Supports services directly to individuals with disabilities, as well as to the direct care staff and management personnel who work with those individuals. By doing so, we ensure proper day-to-day implementation of behavioral strategies, handle lead crisis management should a behavioral emergency occur, and provide corrective feedback when necessary.

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Behavioral Support Service Highlights

  • Functional behavior assessments of problem behaviors.
  • Behavior support plans – including strategies to reduce negative, problematic behaviors and increase positive, functional behaviors.
  • In-home training of an individual’s direct care and support staff on the implementation of written behavior plans, crisis management strategies, and basic principles of Applied Behavior Analysis.
  • On-site assistance with behavioral emergencies.
  • Meeting of protocols and adherence to all Department of Developmental Services (DDS) regulations in relation to intrusive, restrictive, and aversive interventions.
  • Quarterly reporting on data outcomes.
  • Attendance at annual and semi-annual planning meetings.
  • Completion of all required paperwork for the DDS Program Review Committee.
  • Implementation and monitoring of data collection across all supported settings.
  • Assistance with acquisition and maintenance of funding for as-needed staffing enhancement.
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Licensed and Certified Behavior Analysts

All members of The Kennedy Collective Behavioral Supports service team are either licensed Board-Certified Behavior Analysts, or are on track to become licensed and certified.

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Behavioral Supports That Empower Both Individuals and Families

Through our Behavioral Supports program, The Kennedy Collective gives people with disabilities who struggle with behavior the tools they need to live happier, more independent lives – and give their direct care staff the resources they need to help those individuals succeed.

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Let’s Discuss Your Behavioral Support Needs

If you or someone you love has behavioral struggles that may require Behavioral Support services, The Kennedy Collective team would love to have a discussion about how to help. Please provide some initial information, and a team member will be in touch with you.