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Create pathways for people to flourish and thrive.

That’s been the unwavering mission of The Kennedy Collective since 1951. Our Support Services and Business Enterprises offer environments where everyone is valued, and where individuals can reach their fullest potential. We move to the center of communities that give in order to gain, where collective impact is the goal. After all, when we transform lives together – by empowering and employing – it is the most magical of things.

The Kennedy Collective Model

The Kennedy Collective is made up of two parts: Support Services, including day programs, activities and group homes; and Business Enterprises, which employ people with disabilities who in turn bring tangible value to local organizations. The two parts are completely connected – as proceeds from the Business Enterprises are used to expand the Support Services.

Our Core Beliefs

The Kennedy Collective values are derived from two core beliefs that bonded Evelyn Kennedy and a group of 12 parents back in 1951, and that guides our team of staff members, supports and community partners in our collaborations to support people with disabilities:

Every person deserves to be recognized, and every person deserves to feel equal to others.

How Our Four Values Create Collective Impact.

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People making artwork around a table with text: "This untapped labor force can add value to any sector
but they're essentially invisible."

We’ve been working on this since 1951, and yet, people with disabilities are still being overlooked. Together, let’s do something about it.