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Ticket To Work is an employment program from the Social Security Administration that offers people with disabilities employment options. The Kennedy Collective provides an Employment Network and services that support Ticket To Work by helping individuals find and maintain employment, increase their work earnings, and reduce their reliance on cash benefits – while retaining their medical benefits.

More On the Ticket To Work Program

Ticket To Work is free and voluntary. The program and work incentives allow people with disabilities to keep their benefits while exploring employment, receiving vocational support, and gaining work experience. If a person is aged 18 through 64 and receives Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and/or Supplemental Security Income (SSI), the individual already qualifies for the Ticket To Work program.

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Ticket To Work Service Highlights

Career Counseling Personalized help to identify a career path that best suits an individual’s needs
Resume Development Guidance on creating a professional resume for prospective employers
Job Placement Assistance Support in finding a permanent position based on an individual’s skill sets and interests – including potential job training and support upon placement
Interview Preparation Strategies for holding an effective conversation with a possible employer
Job Site Evaluation The opportunity to explore a career option before making a firm decision, by performing a paid job function with oversight of a specialist
Travel Training A nationally-acclaimed program that teaches how to independently and effectively use the local bus and rail systems throughout Connecticut

Travel Training Services

Since 1991, The Kennedy Collective has successfully taught more than 3,000 people with cognitive, sensory and physical disabilities to use local buses and trains. A qualified Mobility Instructor travels with each individual to train the person on specific techniques. There is no charge for Travel Training, except for the bus or train fare; there is no time limit for training; and instructors are available for follow-up services.

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The Ticket To Self-Sufficiency

Choosing to work can change the life of a person with disabilities. The Ticket To Work program of the Social Security Administration, and the Employment Network offered by The Kennedy Collective, allow individuals to keep benefits as they navigate job functions. With a team of qualified specialists, The Kennedy Collective ensures that people with disabilities can thrive in the working world, and gain self-sufficiency in the process.

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Let’s Discuss Your Ticket To Work Needs

If you or someone you know is curious about the Ticket To Work program, The Kennedy Collective team would love to have a discussion. Please provide some initial information, and a team member will be in touch with you.