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The Kennedy Collective provides Support Services and builds Business Enterprises to show that people with disabilities bring tangible value.

At the beating heart of our organization, are four values – which instill pride, welcome others, and guide our decisions. We challenge the status quo, build community, create purpose and ensure inclusion, because when we unite as a collective – to empower and employ – our abilities have no bounds.

Challenge the status quoCourageously lead, advocate and innovate.

Create purposeFind opportunities through tenacious perseverance.

Build CommunityActively engage in diversified partnerships.

Ensure InclusionChampion people by celebrating their individuality.

Our Values In Action

In 1951, Evelyn Kennedy and a group of 12 parents went knocking on the doors of strangers – and started a revolution to make our society recognize people with disabilities. Their views became our core values, which serve as the guiding principles we continue to utilize. The Kennedy Center was recently renamed The Kennedy Collective to celebrate our values – those four founding views which remain the force behind the power of our collective impact.

How Our Mission & Vision Informs Everything.

Read About Our Mission

Blue and magenta graphic that reads "Empowerment, Employment, Collective Impact".
People making artwork around a table with text: "This untapped labor force can add value to any sector
but they're essentially invisible."

We’ve been working on this since 1951, and yet, people with disabilities are still being overlooked. Together, let’s do something about it.