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January 9th, 2019

An innovative residential program is aiming to connect individuals with disabilities to families interested in opening their homes and their lives.

Applicants of all backgrounds are wanted for The Kennedy Center’s new Community Companion Home program, offered through the Connecticut Department of Developmental Services (DDS). Community Companion Homes provide individuals with intellectual disabilities the opportunity to maintain independence, while thriving in a family environment.

“This is a unique opportunity for families and individuals to open their lives to a person who is ready for greater independence and needs a supportive, safe home base,” said Sarah Fagan, Director of The Kennedy Center’s Residential Programs. “This is a program that enriches not only the life of the individual, but it enriches the lives of the host family as well.”

Anyone interested in becoming a Community Companion Home licensee is required to complete an initial application process, including trainings, references, background checks and a home study interview. When the initial application process is complete, the licensing division of the DDS Central Office will conduct and schedule an initial inspection of the home.

The individual who lives in the home is assisted with daily tasks, building skills and independent living. A licensee helps to ensure the individual’s health and medical needs are met and must comply with DDS regulations.

Licensees receive reimbursement for room and board, along with a stipend of care to the individual, based on the need.

Contact Taylor Robinson, The Kennedy Center’s Community Companion Home Manager, at [email protected] or call 203-365-8522 ext. 207 to learn more about the program or start an application process.